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Your Session

Prepare for your session

Please schedule your appointment by calling or using our online booking platform.

All sessions must be fully prepaid prior to start of session

  • Drink plenty of water prior, during and after each session.

  • Bring a water bottle and be prepared to stay hydrated!  We have a drinking fountain to refill water bottles.

  • Come wearing comfortable loose clothing

  • Bring socks and perhaps a small throw/blanket if you typically feel cold. We prefer a slightly cooler environment to facilitate deeper sleep.

During your session


  • We do not allow the use of any cell phones, electronics or personal lights in the room. If you need to use your phone we ask that you step out of the EES room. Phones in the room must be kept on silent or airplane mode as to not disturb other members. 

  • Please be mindful of others in the healing zone.  Silence is requested since there will be people trying to meditate / sleep.

  • No food allowed in the Bioscalar Healing Room. We have a kitchen area if you need to take a break and eat.

  • During your session you will receive the best results if you close your eyes and rest.

  • Finally, get ready for the deepest sleep/meditation of your life and start to allow your body to heal itself!

Detox is part of the process

We can not stress this enough! Your body will detox on some level so it is critical that you *hydrate hydrate hydrate* .

To help avoid experiencing negative detox results you should take a sea salt / baking soda bath the same day (the sooner the better) You can purchase the ingredients from us or buy them at any grocery/drug store.
We will post the recipe for the salt detox bath here soon.

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