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Linda A.

While in the room, keeping my eyes closed the whole time,  I fell asleep.   Dreamed I was flying, feeling very light and free.  Afterwards I felt very calm and peaceful and I noticed those with me also were feeling the same.  I experienced some emotions coming up and leaving, emotions I had been trying to let go of for a very long time.  As my body went through the healing time afterwards, I felt more happy, joyful, and at peace.  Things bothered me less.  My shoulder quit hurting,  my jaw realigned itself, and I now sleep through the night.  Looking forward to more sessions in the room.

Brooks M.

I was nervous about going and experiencing something new and had very little information.  But on our arrival I felt peaceful in the center.  I was experiencing anxiety from long haul covid.  But after being in the center I begin to feel calm. I now feel more confident on my ability to accomplish things.  My healing was more emotional than physical.  I still feel a peacefulness that I am thankful for. I cannot say it changed my life but I believe that I am more secure in who I am as a wife, mother and grandmother.  KBM

Jeanie H.

I would like to share my experience in the EE System and the medallion with my dog.

Tootsie was a little 9 lb dog. She had developed a cough and had it for some time. I took her to the 24 Unit in Tarpon Springs, and she was in her kennel. She never made a sound. For a little over a week, she never had a cough. Then one morning she barely started coughing. I took off my medallion and put it on her neck and her cough stopped instantly. I left it on for a couple days. Then she started coughing and had trouble breathing like mucus in her lungs, I again put the medallion on her neck. She stopped the hacking and stopped having trouble breathing instantly.  I kept the medallion on her and long as the medallion was on her she has been fine. She gets better and better and less and less time wearing the medallion. 


I have been dealing with a severe TBI for while.  After spending time in the eesystem center I began to notice a shift in my body.  I have an increase in energy, I started sleeping better and a lift in my spirit.  Other changes began - much better memory and improved cognitive and thinking abilities.

Teresa P.

I have had an amazing healing experience by attending the EE System.  I was laid up from a back injury and was in excruciating pain for 3 months. I was on lots of strong pain medication. I cried and moaned a lot. After two 4 hour sessions I felt alive again, as if a huge burden was lifted. The pain was less, I was off all of my drugs. My brain fog lifted. Overall a huge improvement in my ability to think. I am happy , healthy and in extreme gratitude for my healing. Excited to go again!

B. A. 

After my first session in the eesystem room my body had the energy to immediately drop 8 lbs the first week, never to return. Following my second session I then began to experience a shift in my thyroid , so much so that my Doctor had to reduce my thyroid dose for the first time in 30 years. 

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